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by James Patterson

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Very good and quick read. Espionage in Britain. American agent searches for killer of his police girlfriend and partner. Takes you through the streets and forests of England.

The Collector
by K.r. Alexander

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I love creepy things and I wish I could watch more horror moves but this book gave me the presence and feel of one. I do not recommend this book for a younger adiuence.

by Anya seton

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I liked this. Listened as an audiobook. Good period piece about the hard life of a medieval woman and how she overcomes/endures her limitations in that time period.

Prospect Street
by Emilie Richards Books

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A great, original story. Very enjoyable.

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
by Megan Mulally

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A fun, quick listen! The couple shares the story of their meeting and the steps they've taken to stay together. If you are easily offended this might not be your cup of tea, but it is hilarious.

Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend By Matthew Dicks
by Matthew Dicks

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Loved it - a great story about an autistic boy and his imaginary friend. It was neat to read a story written from this new perspective.

Parasyte 7
by Hitoshi Iwaaki

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Volume 7 of this manga is about the police finally finding out that the parasites are inside of multiple people. They figure out, with the help of the main character, one of the best ways to kill the parasites. The most powerful one has 5 parasites in him and he is after the main character for all the trouble he has given him in the past. The book later ends with the main characters car driving off a cliff; but was there anyone inside?

What The Eyes Dont See By Mona Hanna-attisha
by Mona Hanna-attisha

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Dr Hanna-attisha is a well spoken pediatrician and activist who took the government of Flint to task for mucking up the cities water and poisoning the kids with lead. I enjoyed listening more to her family stories than the activism stories. Dr Hanna-attisha had done meticulous research, fought a hard fight yet still felt she did not do enough. This just left me feeling like any action taken would never be fully appreciated for what it was: the first VICTORY in an on going war. I only gave it 3 stars for the lack of optimism after a good fight. I do hope she writes more books about her fascinating and gifted family!

Dirt Candy A Cookbook
by Amanda Cohen

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A unique entry in the cookbook world: it uses the graphic novel format. The cartoon drawings are great fun. All vegetable recipes, most of which I would never have thought to try but now I'd love to!

Bird,Bath, Beyond
by J. Copperman

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The title did not fit the story at all. Bird Woman Goes Nuts might of been a better title, since the story is about a bird being cast in a T.V. series, where the lead actor dies. Its agent ends up being taken for a sucker in the end of the story. The book is somewhat bizarre as it speaks to us the reader as if we are actually there listening to the person talking to us or to themselves.
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