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Mar 09 - Aug 30
Welcome to Lincoln Public Library's Summer Reading Program!

Our Summer Reading Program is open to all ages!
Check the chart below to find your program:
Read with MeFor Ages 0 - 5
I Can Read
For Ages 6 - 12
Tweens & Teens
For Ages 11 - 17
Ages 18 & Up
Our Summer Reading Programs run based on points. You can earn points by reading, writing reviews, attending programs and more! Throughout the summer challenge you can cash in your points to win different goodies and prizes and if you complete the final goal you get entered in for a chance to win a grand prize! You can see what goodies and grand prize you might win on your program's page.

Make sure you join us for our Summer Reading Finale on Wednesday, August 21st from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM! We'll be celebrating with an ice cream party and will be announcing our grand prize winners! This event is open to all Summer Reading Participants.

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